Working with professionals where being compassionate is core to what you do & how you do it.

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Group Facilitation


Creating spaces for compassion Focused professional & Personal Development.


Continuous Learning &
Improvement Coordinator
Charity Sector

“Working with Vardeep has been a great experience. I felt safe and encouraged to self-reflect with space to discuss my concerns or ideas and plans. I felt in control of the pace and format of the coaching engagement, as well as empowered to reach independent conclusions without ‘projecting’ from the coach. It has been a very enriching experience which gave me direction and confidence to move forward in my professional career, as well as increased my sense of self-awareness/confidence.”

THANK YOU Vardeep!”

Directorate Manager
Specialist Services

“It has helped opening up my eyes on the opportunities ahead and how exciting the journey of not knowing can be. Coaching with Vardeep helped me stay in the present and appreciate the value that being in the moment can be.”

Senior Improvement Practitioner

“I really enjoyed being coached by Vardeep for 5 sessions over what I knew would be a particularly busy time in my life, adjusting to a change in job role and starting a university course alongside other commitments. By creating time and space to explore how I could best approach this period of time I was able to come up with some really helpful strategies that have not only helped me manage my work/life/study balance but will help me to maintain sustainable rhythms in the future. “

Our Core Values

Weʼre a team of passionate leadership coaches who believe in creating positive change. Our values are simple: empower, inspire, and guide. We live to see you achieve your goals and lead with unwavering confidence. With us, youʼll find a partner committed to your growth and success every step of the way.

Simon Sinek